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Campus Is Cool

It’s another night in the college life for these coeds but they aren’t going to spend it anyway they ever have before. They are going to make a rad Campus Is Cool video instead highlighting everything they love about their school. They start by telling the camera what they love about their school, but know that showing is better than telling, so two of the girls take their guy and start to massage his cock through his pants before taking out that cock and sucking it. Guess what these girls love most about college is free sausage whenever they want it! They even document the event with their own cameras, which this lucky dick doesn’t deny because well, they are doing all the work! College Naked Girls Party


These girls are showing off their tits, from perky supple things to fuller sized melons. They are playing a fun came of guess the titty, when they decide to make it a fun game of guess the ass cheek as well. Don’t know this game? They take turns being blindfolded and then fondle one another, rubbing asses and titties to try and figure out who is who in this blindfolded fun. They get horny so they take out their toys and show each other how to fuck one another with their brand new vibrators. This leads to tons of scissoring and dildo fucking that these girls love so much!

Cool Campus College Ice Cube Party

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You know the feeling. You have stepped on really cold snow. You dropped a piece of ice cream down your shirt. You drop an ice cube down your shirt. It sucks, but it also feels kind of good. These campusiscool coeds are experimenting with ice on this summer night. After rubbing it all over themselves two girls decide to tag team a guy with these icy fingers, making his dick hard by touching it and sucking on it and then letting him fuck them as hard as he possibly can in front of all of their friends! The girls even put on a show of their own, eating out each other’s pussies during the fuck session.