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After a rocking night of kings cup and way too much weed these coeds are ready to take a real walk on the wild side. They pick up their campusiscool thinking caps and decide that the only way to turn this night up even further is to have an orgy! They strip down and play sexy games, from SUCK THAT COCK! To lesbian make out throw down and every hand job oriented fun in between. Someone grabs out the day glow paint and things get really freaky; suddenly everyone is bright green and fucking in every single free inch of this room! College kids know how to party!


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Campus Is Cool

It’s another night in the college life for these coeds but they aren’t going to spend it anyway they ever have before. They are going to make a rad Campus Is Cool video instead highlighting everything they love about their school. They start by telling the camera what they love about their school, but know that showing is better than telling, so two of the girls take their guy and start to massage his cock through his pants before taking out that cock and sucking it. Guess what these girls love most about college is free sausage whenever they want it! They even document the event with their own cameras, which this lucky dick doesn’t deny because well, they are doing all the work! College Naked Girls Party


These girls are showing off their tits, from perky supple things to fuller sized melons. They are playing a fun came of guess the titty, when they decide to make it a fun game of guess the ass cheek as well. Don’t know this game? They take turns being blindfolded and then fondle one another, rubbing asses and titties to try and figure out who is who in this blindfolded fun. They get horny so they take out their toys and show each other how to fuck one another with their brand new vibrators. This leads to tons of scissoring and dildo fucking that these girls love so much!

Cool Campus College Ice Cube Party

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You know the feeling. You have stepped on really cold snow. You dropped a piece of ice cream down your shirt. You drop an ice cube down your shirt. It sucks, but it also feels kind of good. These campusiscool coeds are experimenting with ice on this summer night. After rubbing it all over themselves two girls decide to tag team a guy with these icy fingers, making his dick hard by touching it and sucking on it and then letting him fuck them as hard as he possibly can in front of all of their friends! The girls even put on a show of their own, eating out each other’s pussies during the fuck session.

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Make that booty jiggle girl! These white girls are trying to prove that they have just as much booty as any ebony beauty. They tweak all up on each other in the room, trying to have campusiscool fun all by themselves. All that booty bumping gets them horny, so a couple of girls start making out and soon one is eating the others pussy while her friend gets fucked in the corner. They switch places and soon there is a lesbian fuck for all and all the boys can do is watch these ladies pleasure each other like they could never hope to pleasure these women themselves.

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Two girls, one walk in. These two college hotties are getting physical behind closed doors and this lucky cock walked in on it all. They rub each others perky tits while they are making out, getting him so hard he can’t hide it. They don’t ask him to and take him to the floor and take turns sucking his cock. Campusiscool but he never imagined that he would be fucking these two women in the walk in! HE fucks one in the ass while she eats out her friend, barely hearing her muffled moans before cum is flowing all over this kitchen!

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Join the humpty train! These costume clad coeds are getting freaky this Halloween night! They start a sexy conga line, rubbing ass to crotch and really digging in deep to those crotches. Quickly a conga becomes a full out dance party and before they know it girls are giving lap dances to their horny male counterparts in this campusiscool fuck video. The fair princess may look innocent, but when you see the way she fucks that clown…none of these college girls can claim that they had never seen a cock before this video because they work a dick like pros! If you like horny campus girls as much as we do then you’re gonna love this! College Rules Video


Who didn’t love college? The rocking parties, the crazy hot girls. These kids are having tons of fun because campusiscool and you can fuck hard while you are there! This hot girl is offering up shots from her belly button while her blonde friend gives a show in the corner, showing off her titties while sucking a big hard cock! This party is really crazy and these kids do not hold back, one girl even gets fucked hard right there on the couch! Her moans can be hear from all around the room and soon everyone is cheering on this one lucky cock as he fucks her every which way he can on that fun green couch!

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Kiddie pool party! They may be college coeds but that isn’t going to make these kids grow up. These girls are going to wrestle in baby oil in a kiddie pool, getting all oiled up before showing off their oiled asses to the camera. The guys love seeing them all lubed up, so they take them to the corners and fuck their oiled up bodies. They seem to shimmer in the light of the camera, and as one girl gets fucked in the ass she does another girl a favor by eating out her sweet oiled pussy! Who knew college kids could remember how to share!

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Have you ever spent time on a college campus in a dorm for the weekend? Well, if you haven’t I can tell you that it’s the least boring thing you will do in your entire life! In fact, it might be the coolest fucking experience that you ever have. Why you may ask? Well, college students get bored on the weekends and they spend majority of their time having sex on campus. It just so happens that we have some campus is cool videos for you to enjoy today as well. These college students really know how to have a fucking blast! If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.

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